The Woojer is Here!


Today sees the official launch of the Woojer! Woojer is a silent, wearable bass woofer the size of a matchbox that connects to any audio devices and headphones with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing users to literally feel the sounds of their favorite music, games or movies. Using patent-pending technology developed by a rock concert audio engineer, the Woojer’s “polyphonic transducer” converts low frequency sounds into inaudible, physical vibrations, making your body feel like it is being exposed to big sound!

Using the Woojer alongside headphones can be used not only to enhance your listening, viewing and gaming experiences, but also provides a useful tool for DJs and producers who want a preview of how their tracks might sound on a club sound system whilst on the move.

While entertainment is Woojer’s primary purpose, the technology also benefits the hearing-impaired by delivering the sensation of lower sound frequencies which they previously could feel only by standing adjacent to large loudspeakers.


Users can further enhance their listening experiences with the Woojer app which provides genre specific EQ settings to bring out the best in your mobile music library.

Learn more about Woojer by visiting their website.

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Kindness ‘Otherness': The Samples


Solo British artist Kindness recently appeared in our top 5 Hot Artists chart, rubbing shoulders with the Hip-Hop royalty who frequently dominate the chart, Kanye West, Drake and Logic.

Kindness‘ second studio album ‘Otherness’ dropped in October this year, the follow up to the Philippe Zdar produced; ‘World, You Need a Change of  Mind’. This installment features some great collaborations with artists including Robyn, Dev Hynes, Kelela and M.anifest.

Kindness’ signature soulful style remains evident in this sophomore release and  is complemented with some interesting, nostalgic sample choices, notably a momentary but nonetheless great use of Art of Noise’s much sampled 1983 classic ‘Moments In Love’ in ‘With You‘, a track which also features vocals from Fade 2 Mind/Night Slugs affiliate Kelela. A short loop extracted from 80s Gambian jazz/folk curio ‘Moon / Light’ by Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso provides an unlikely backdrop for the melancholy vocals of ‘For The Young’ and in ‘Who Do You Love?‘ a bed of synths is enhanced with elements from obscure 80s pop gem ‘Shy Girl‘ by LaChandra, guest vocals coming courtesy of Swedish recording artist and serial pop collaborator Robyn.

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Drake Drops Three New Tracks – 6 God, Heat of the Moment, How Bout Now


Drake gave the internet a heads up on Saturday that something exciting would be taking place over on the OVO website, and as we’ve come to expect, he delivered…

In a week that (finally) saw a visual accompaniment to club-rocker ‘Tuesday‘ with iLoveMakonnen and Drake’s lavish birthday party splashed all over Instagram he rounded things off with free downloads of three new tracks with production credits coming from Boi 1-da, Syk Sense, Jordan Evans and long-time collaborator Noah ’40’ Shebib, who’s now signature reversed, tripped out instrumentals are becoming a key part of Drake’s sound.

Although interesting, it doesn’t sound like this is the part of a larger project / album as Drake explains they’re “just 3 songs that I knew some hackers had”. Regardless, these tracks stand up on their own; 6 God hits hard with that club-knock Drake does best, Heat of the Moment chops n’ screws R&B singer Avant’s ‘Phone Sex (That’s What’s Up)’ up alongside a reversed sample of OVO affiliate’s PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ‘Her Way’ and How Bout Now rides with a sample of Jodeci‘s classic ‘My Heart Belongs to U’.

UPDATE: It looks like 6 God contains a sample from SNES classic Donkey Kong Country 2! Producer Syk Sense has pretty much confirmed this via Twitter

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Get Lost in the Sound of Space Courtesy of NASA: Free Downloadable Sound Packs

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 16.32.45The US space agency NASA has a Soundcloud page and they’ve recently stocked it with other-worldy sounds which you’re free to download and use! All the classic ‘hits’ are there, from “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” to the famous “Houston, we’ve had a problem”. Our personal favourites however are the field recordings of the ambient sounds of space: if you’ve ever wondered what the radio emissions of Saturn or lightning on Jupiter sounds like, you need wonder no more. These sounds and many more like them are all present:

You can explore more sound sets on the NASA Soundcloud page or download packs of them direct from the NASA website here.

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Discover the Equipment your Favourite Producers, DJs & Artists are Using with Equipboard

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 13.06.07 Equipboard launched in late 2013, and in the following year has set about documenting what equipment popular DJs, producers and artists are using in their live shows, studios and on the road. The range of artists is impressive with 14,000 products and 4,500 artists already cataloged. You can check out everything from, for example, what plugins Skrillex is using, what guitars Jimi Hendrix owned or what A-Trak‘s preferred DJ set up is. There’s also some more light-hearted content to keep you amused including curios such as Lil Jon‘s favorite brand of Purple Drank (clue: it’s his own).

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 13.09.13 Equipboard also lets users follow artists to get a notification whenever they have new gear added, create their own equipment board, to list the gear they want or have and share their ratings and reviews on products and find links where the listed equipment can be bought.

Visit to start exploring!

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Win Tickets to The Coup & Boots Riley Live at Jazz Cafe London

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 22.27.34

This coming Tuesday (21st October 2014) Oakland CA’s The Coup featuring Boots Riley play at London’s famous Jazz Cafe with support from Classic Material DJs Chris Read and Nick Armitage. Having released music on seminal hip hop labels Wild Pitch, Tommy Boy and cult indie era label 75 Ark, The Coup will be performing material from their 6 classic (and sometimes controversial) Long Players.

We’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to the show to give away to 5 lucky readers. To enter, all you need to do is answer the following question:

“The Coup’s 1993 underground hit ‘Dig It’ contains samples of 5 records, but which track provides the organ riff on which the main hook of the track is based?’ [Clue the answer can be found on WhoSampled]

Email your answers to with ‘The Coup Competition’ in the subject heading. Entries must be received no later than 5pm (BST) on 17th October 2014. Winners will be responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the venue.

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You Need to Hear This: Experience Music Like Never Before with YNTHT and Philips Headphones

Philips Foldie Headphones

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You Need to Hear This’ is a new music platform brought to you by Noisey and Philips exploring evolution in music and innovation in sound. On the platform you’ll find musical curios from around the world ranging from an album only dogs can hear to a rendition of OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya’ performed on French horns. The launch of the platform coincides with the launch of Philips new ‘Citiscape’ headphone range which you can check out here.

Philips Foldie Headphones

The headphones themselves mix style and performance featuring a range of colourways and styles, all with premium components. Pictured above is the ‘Foldie’, with biker-inspired styling including a headband utilising the look and feel of leather handle bar tape and great features for comfort and sound: high performance drivers for sound quality, closed acoustic design for greater bass and flexible arms / soft on-ear cushions for comfort. As the name suggests, the headphones have a compact foldable design, the detachable cable in particular being a winning feature.

Explore more at!

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Freddy Fresh interviewed for WhoSampled / Win Freddy Fresh Books


For the latest edition of the WhoSampled interview series we interview veteran DJ, producer and record collector Freddy Fresh. Freddy’s exceptionally varied career has included reworking tracks for BDP in the mid 80s, touring Europe in the early 90s with the era’s A-list Techno DJs where he picked up fans including Aphex Twin, producing music alongside Fatboy Slim spawning UK Top 40 hits, launching his own label and compiling a compendium of rare and collectable rap records (a copy of which you can win in our latest competition – see below).

Listen here or via the widget below:

Freddy Fresh interviewed for WhoSampled by Whosampled on Mixcloud


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 16.04.48

Alongside Freddy’s interview, we’ve got 2 copies of Freddy’s excellent ‘The Rap Records’ (2nd Edition) book to give away! For a chance to win, all you need to do is answer the following question:

“Fatboy Slim sampled Freddy Fresh’s voice (taken from a message Freddy left for him on a demo DAT cassette) in which Fatboy Slim track?” [Clue: The answer can be found in the interview!]

Email your answers to with ‘Freddy Fresh’ in the subject heading. Entries must be received no later than 5pm (BST) on 15th October 2014.

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Zed’s Dead – ‘Hadouken’ Music Video (shot at Smirnoff House at Tomorrowland)


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Toronto duo Zed’s Dead have put together a great new video for their track ‘Hadouken’ shot on location at Smirnoff House at Tomorrowland, bringing good time house party vibes to the festival.

To see more of what went down at Tommorowland, check out the official after video here.

Smirnoff on Facebook:

Smirnoff on Twitter: @SmirnoffGB_IRE


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Win Copies of ‘Push > Start: The Art of Video Games’ Book & Vinyl Set!


We’ve featured releases from the Earbooks series here in the past. Pairing design and photography with accompanying music in the form of vinyl or CD in beautifully packaged large format hard back books, each Earbooks release is genuine work of art and their latest release ‘Push > Start: The Art of Video Games‘ is no departure from that formula.

‘Push > Start’ charts the visual heritage of 40+ years of video gaming taking in examples from the pixelated simplicity of 1972’s classic ‘Pong’ to the hyper-realist first person action games of the present day via the golden era arcade games of the 1980s and cult classics including ‘Pac-Man‘ and ‘Mortal Kombat‘.

Music of course has played a key role in the development of video gaming with many video game soundtracks considered classics in their own right. Be it a result of nostalgia or the search for a certain sound, video game music has become a much utilised source for sample material with almost 2,000 samples of video game music listed on WhoSampled.


Video game music fans will be pleased to learn that ‘Push > Start’ is accompanied by a eight track EP pressed on 10″ neon green vinyl containing exclusive remixes of video game soundtrack classics:

Side A

1) Kinuyo Yamashita – Vampire Killer (Big Twice Remix)
2) Koji Kondo – Super Mario Bros Main Theme (Big Twice Remix)
3) Takashi Tateishi – Dr Wily’s Theme (Big Twice Remix)
4) Keiji Yamagishi – Master Ninja Theme (Big Twice Remix)

Side B

1) Yoko Shimomura - Guile’s Theme (Big Twice Remix)
2) Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Space Harrier Main Theme (Big Twice Remix)
3) Kazuko Umino – Let’s Go To Pao Pao Island! (Big Twice Remix)
4) Big Twice – Korobeiniki


We’ve got 3 copies of this fantastic book to give away to you, our lucky readers! All you need to do is answer the following question:

“Push Start vinyl release contains a remix of the classic theme from Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Bros Theme‘. The track has been sampled on many occasions. In the year 2000 Cocoa Brovaz borrowed heavily from the track for a song dedicated to which New York borough? [Clue - the answer can be found on WhoSampled!]

Email your answers to with ‘Push > Start Comp’ in the subject heading. Entries must be received no later than 5pm (BST) on 9th October 2014.

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