Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers) interviewed for WhoSampled


For the latest edition of the WhoSampled interview series, we speak with Ernie Isley, drummer, guitar & bass player and songwriter for legendary US Soul / Funk group and Grammy Lifetime Acheivement award winners The Isley Brothers. The Isley Brothers are credited with having one of the longest, most influential and diverse recording careers in modern music, having recorded 20 US Billboard Top 10 albums over period spanning from late 1960s to the 2000s, 10 of which were US Billboard or US R&B #1s. As a songwriter Ernie is responsible for some of the Isley Brothers best loved and most sampled hits including ‘Fight the Power’ (sampled by Public Enemy & others), ‘Footsteps in the Dark’ (sampled by Ice Cube, J Dilla & others) and ‘That Lady’ (sampled by the Beastie Boys, Kendrick Lamar & others).

In this interview Ernie talks about Jimi Hendrix‘s early career with the band, his own progression within the band and why he and his brothers have welcomed sampling of their music among other things.

‘The Isley Brothers: The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983)’ box set is out this week. Find out more / win copies in our latest competition here.

Listen to the interview here or below:

Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers) interviewed for WhoSampled by Whosampled on Mixcloud

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N.W.A ‘100 Miles & Runnin’ 25th Anniversary: Samples Playlist

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of N.W.A‘s ‘100 Miles and Runnin’ EP. The 5 track EP was the group’s first release following the acrimonious split from former group member Ice Cube who released his solo debut ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted’ earlier in the year. The EP serves as prelude of sorts to the group’s second Long Player ‘Efil4zaggin’ released in spring of the following year and ‘Real Niggaz‘ from the 100 Miles EP also appears on that album. The Dre-produced EP is a sample heavy affair, the title track alone containing nearly 20 samples. Here we compile a playlist of the EP’s sample material, taking in tracks from the likes of Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, James Brown and many more:



1. Herbie Hancock – Hang Up Your Hang Ups
2. Funkadelic – Get Off Your Ass and Jam
3. Martha and the Vandellas – Nowhere to Run
4. Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft
5. James Brown – Give It Up or Turnit a Loose (Remix)
6. Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul I’m Gonna Get You
7. ESG – UFO
8. The Brothers Johnson – Ain’t We Funkin’ Now
9. Tom Scott and The L.A. Express – Sneakin’ in the Back
10. The Headhunters feat. Pointer Sisters – God Make Me Funky
11. Wilson Pickett – Get Me Back on Time, Engine #9
12. The Dramatics – Get Up and Get Down
13. Fancy – Feel Good
14. Boobie Knight & the Universal Lady – The Lovomaniacs
15. Cheryl Lynn – Got to Be Real
16. Kool & the Gang – Give It Up
17. Rufus Thomas – The Breakdown (Part II)
18. Isaac Hayes – Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
19. Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) if There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go
20. Michael Jackson feat. Vincent Price – Thriller

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Secret Cinema’s Immersive ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Experience in London

Secret Cinema has returned to London for the summer months, this time applying its trademark brand of cinema meets interactive theater to Star Wars trilogy favorite ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. Secret though it is, you’ll have done well to have avoided all talk of Secret Cinema’s novel approach to film screenings, placing the viewer among the characters, film sets and action in a painstakingly accurate recreation that’s impressive in both its attention to detail and scale. Promotional material invites you to ‘Live the film, tell no one’, but we are able tell you that the action plays out in a top secret London location (you’ll find out where when you buy your tickets … alternatively follow the Jedi / Stormtrooper you saw on the tube and see where they go), and gives you a truly unique cinema experience that it’s impossible not to marvel at – highly recommended even for those with little more than a passing interest in Star Wars! Showings run until 27th September so there’s still plenty of time to get in on the action.

Tickets are available here.

For those of you outside London / otherwise unable to attend we invite you to relive the Star Wars magic via the many samples of movie dialogue that have found their way into music of the past 30 or so years. Explore Star Wars’ musical legacy here.

Leave a Comment and Lexus Re-create Iconic Track on Giant Musical Stave

Behind the scenes at the Lexus #NXontrack, an audio-visual film which sees conduct three Lexus NX cars down a colossal “sound road” to create an audio and visual remix of his iconic track #thatPOWER.

Behind the scenes at the Lexus #NXontrack, an audio-visual film which sees conduct three Lexus NX cars down a colossal “sound road” to create an audio and visual remix of his iconic track #thatPOWER.

Black Eyed Peas front-man and producer has teamed up with Lexus NX, taking up the challenge of recreating one of his most iconic tracks (#thatPOWER) by navigating a team of Lexus NX SUVs across a giant musical stave!

Played out on a disused runway lined with over 10,000 motion sensitive audio lasers, the challenge was to conduct the striking Lexus NXs as they move along the ‘sound-road’, hitting each of the lasers at the correct speed and rhythm to trigger the beats and sounds to re-create the track. The resulting video sees, together with a team of stunt drivers which includes Niki Faulkner (famed stunt driver from the 2013 blockbuster movie Rush), turn MPH into BPM, working against the clock to construct the track in a single night. Embracing the challenge which tests both the intelligent innovation of the Lexus NX, the abilities of the drivers and the musical prowess of the conductor, comments “The combination of technology, design and music in this project was truly inspiring.” 

Check out the video here.

Find out more about the Lexus NX series here.

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Remembering MCA: August 5th 1964 to May 4th 2012

Boutique Beats_3_400
On what would have been MCA of the Beastie Boys‘ birthday, we revisit this tribute mixtape put together by WhoSampled’s Chris Read shortly after Adam Yauch’s passing in 2012. The mix takes in Beastie Boys classics from various eras, remixes, acapellas and alternate versions and places them alongside original sample material largely (but not exclusively) from the Paul’s Boutique album. Tracklist, sample credits and streaming link below:

2. Rose Royce – ‘6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock)’ (Sampled in ‘Shake Your Rump’)
3. Rose Royce – ‘Daddy Rich’ (Sampled in ‘33% God’)
12. Black Oak Arkansas – ‘Hot and Nasty’ (Sampled in ‘Shadrach’)
13. Ronnie Laws – ‘Tell Me Something Good’ (Sampled in ‘Shake Your Rump’)
15. Donny Hathaway – ‘Magnificent Sanctuary Band’ (Sampled in ‘Johnny Ryall’)
17. David Bromberg – ‘Sharon’ (Sampled in ‘Johnny Ryall’)
21. Grand Funk Railroad – ‘Nothing Is the Same’ (Sampled in ‘Get It Together’ (A.B.A. Remix))
22. Alphonse Mouzon – ‘Funky Snakefoot’ (Sampled in ‘Shake Your Rump’)
25. Jimmy Smith – ‘Root Down (And Get It)’ (Sampled in ‘Root Down’)
28. Sly & the Family Stone – ‘Loose Booty’ (Sampled in ‘Shadrach’)
39. Jeremy Steig – ‘Howlin’ for Judy’ (Sampled in ‘Sure Shot’)
31. Harvey Scales – ‘Dancing Room Only’ (Sampled in ‘Shake Your Rump’)
32. Average White Band – ‘Cut the Cake’ (Sampled in ‘Dis Yourself in ’89 (Just Do It)’)
34. Roger – ‘So Ruff So Tuff’ (Sampled in ‘Hey Ladies’)
35. Curtis Mayfield – ‘Superfly’ (Sampled in ‘Egg Man’)
38. MCA – VMA Acceptance Speech
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Remembering Idris Muhammad, One Year On: Top Ten Most Sampled Playlist

Legendary jazz drummer Idris Muhammad passed away one year ago today and although his output has been (and continues to be) massively influential on sample based music, his name is one that remains less familiar to the casual fan. His music has been sampled by the likes of The Beastie Boys, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Nas, Mary J Blige, and even Drake among many others. If you add to that list the artists who have sampled music released by others on which Idris played (Bob James’ ‘Nautilus’ (sampled over 230 times) and Lou Donaldson’s ‘Ode to Billie Joe’ (sampled over 130 times) to name just two prominent examples), you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be easier to write a list of artists who haven’t sampled his work in some form. In recent months his music has been a talking point again thanks to a large sample of his popular Disco-Jazz side ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ appearing Jamie XX‘s ‘Loud Places‘.

Of sampling Idris commented in an interview for Wax Poetics “It [the music] don’t really belong to me man; I’m only the creator. If you take something I create, and you do something with it, then someone else will take it and move it to another stage. And this is what happened with hip-hop. This is in my aura. I’m doing stuff for people to put out there so people can grab it. The Gift the Creator has given me, I can’t be selfish with it.”

Below we compile a list of Idris Muhammad’s Top 10 most sampled tracks and a further 10 of those to have sampled his work. Listen & enjoy!:

Idris Muhammad’s Top 10 Most Sampled Tracks:

1. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
2. Crab Apple
3. Loran’s Dance
4. Say What
5. Piece of Mind
6. Power of Soul
7. The Saddest Thing
8. Turn This Mutha Out
9. Bread
10. I Believe In You

Idris Muhammad, Sampled

1. Jamie XX – Loud Places
2. Drake – Comeback Season
3. Notorious BIG feat Too Short – Big Booty Hoes
4. Grand Puba feat Mary J Blige – Check It Out
5. Beastie Boys – To All The Girls
6. EPMD – Crossover
7. Kool G Rap – For Da Brothaz
8. Moodymann – Amerika
9. Pooh-Man – Funky As I Wanna Be
10. Roni Size & DJ Die – Music Box


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Amy Winehouse Covers Playlists


On this day in 2011, the world of music lost a great talent. Despite Amy Winehouse‘s tragically short recording career, she left behind an incredibly rich catalog including a great number of covers of soul classics and personal influences, among them greats penned by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Etta James. In memory, we’ve compiled 2 playlists, the first containing cover songs she recorded over the course of her career and the second containing the songs she covered and was influenced by. There’s some real gold in here! Listen and enjoy:

Covers by Amy Winehouse


Songs Covered by Amy Winehouse



1. Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse – Valerie cover of The Zutons – Valerie
2. Amy Winehouse – (There Is) No Greater Love cover of Billie Holiday – There Is No Greater Love
3. Amy Winehouse – A Song for You cover of Leon Russell – A Song for You
4. Amy Winehouse – Cupid cover of Sam Cooke – Cupid
5. Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? cover of The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
6. Amy Winehouse – Monkey Man cover of Toots & the Maytals – Monkey Man
7. Amy Winehouse & Paul Weller feat. Jools Holland – Don’t Go to Strangers cover of Etta Jones – Don’t Go to Strangers
8. Amy Winehouse – Our Day Will Come cover of Ruby and the Romantics – Our Day Will Come
9. Amy Winehouse – Moody’s Mood for Love cover of King Pleasure – Moody’s Mood for Love
10. Amy Winehouse – The Girl From Ipanema cover of João Gilberto & Stan Getz feat. Astrud Gilberto – The Girl From Ipanema
11. Amy Winehouse & Paul Weller feat. Jools Holland – I Heard It Through the Grapevine cover of Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
12. Quincy Jones feat. Amy Winehouse – It’s My Party cover of Lesley Gore – It’s My Party
13. Amy Winehouse – You’re Wondering Now cover of Andy & Joey – You’re Wondering Now
14. Amy Winehouse – Round Midnight cover of Thelonious Monk – ‘Round Midnight
15. Amy Winehouse – Hey, Little Rich Girl cover of The Specials – Hey, Little Rich Girl
16. Amy Winehouse – Lullaby of Birdland cover of Sarah Vaughan – Lullaby of Birdland
17. Amy Winehouse feat. Jools Holland – Tenderly cover of Sarah Vaughan & George Treadwell – Tenderly
18. Amy Winehouse – To Know Him Is to Love Him cover of The Teddy Bears – To Know Him Is to Love Him
19. Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse – Body and Soul cover of Ambrose and His Orchestra feat. Sam Browne – Body and Soul
20. Amy Winehouse – Someone to Watch Over Me cover of Gertrude Lawrence & George Gershwin – Someone to Watch Over Me
21. Amy Winehouse – Teach Me Tonight cover of Janet Brace – Teach Me Tonight


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Celebrate George Clinton’s Birthday with a Playlist of his Most Sampled Tracks

Today, being friend of the site George Clinton‘s 74th birthday, we’re celebrating the occasion with a pair of playlists: The first contains the Top 10 most sampled tracks from one of the most sampled artists of all time, drawing on solo material and tracks by Clinton’s seminal groups Parliament and Funkadelic. The second contains 10 iconic tracks to have sampled Clinton’s work featuring classics from Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, Dr Dre and more. Listen & enjoy!:

1. George Clinton – ‘Atomic Dog’: sampled 229 times
2. Parliament – ‘Flash Light’: sampled 138 times
3. Funkadelic – ‘Good Old Music’: sampled 134 times
4. Funkadelic – ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’: sampled 134 times
5. Funkadelic – ‘One Nation Under a Groove’: sampled 74 times
6. Parliament – ‘Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)’: sampled 55 times
7. Parliament – ‘Mothership Connection (Star Child)’: sampled 51 times
8. Funkadelic – ‘Get Off Your Ass and Jam’: sampled 52 times
9. Parliament – ‘Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)’: sampled 41 times
10. Parliament – ‘Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk [Pay Attention – B3M]’: sampled 31 times


1. Snoop Doog – Who Am I (What’s My Name)?
2. Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike
3. Massive Attack – Safe From Harm
4. De La Soul – Me Myself and I
5. Ice Cube – Bop Gun (One Nation)
6. Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird
7. Dr Dre – Let Me Ride
8. A Tribe Called Quest – The Pressure
9. Grandmaster Flash – Tear The Roof Off
10. N.W.A – Niggaz 4 Life


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Black Eyed Peas’ New Track ‘Yesterday’ Pays Tribute to Golden Era Greats: Sample Playlists

Over the weekend it was hard to escape news of the return of the Black Eyed Peas and their new nostalgia filled track and accompanying video ‘Yesterday’. Peppered with samples of and references to past time greats, the track is an homage to the underground club bangers of hip hop’s late 80s / early 90s golden era. Substantial samples of familiar cuts (Black Sheep’s ‘Choice is Yours’, Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s ‘T.R.O.Y’ by way of obvious example) rub shoulders with a few more obscure references (Will.I.Am repeating Kool Keith‘s ‘Galaxy Rays, powerful’ lyric from Ultramagnetic MCs ‘Raise It Up‘ being a somewhat leftfield inclusion). All in all, the track references over 25 classic cuts, most depicted in the video as records are pulled from the racks of the record shop where the Peas deliver their ode. (Side note for those with a keen eye: The KRS-One album used to depict the use of the ‘Sound of Da Police’ sample is not in fact the album on which the track appears!).

Here we compile the song’s samples and influences into two playlists: The first, titled ‘The Samples’, contains the hip hop anthems sampled and referenced in ‘Yesterday’. The second, titled ‘The Sample Chains’, goes one step deeper and contains the original funk, soul, rock and jazz cuts sampled in those hip hop classics plus a handful of the non-hip hop samples to appear in the Black Eyed Peas track.

Black Eyed Peas ‘Yesterday’ (THE SAMPLES):


Black Eyed Peas ‘Yesterday’ (THE SAMPLE CHAINS):


Explore all the connections and more on WhoSampled here.

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Stevie Wonder ‘Wonder-Full Mix’ mixed by DJ Spinna for WhoSampled

Born in 1999 as an annual party in DJ Spinna’s hometown of NYC, Wonder-Full has since toured around the World and finally lands in London for the very first time on July 24th. This unique party celebrates the sound of Stevie Wonder, not to mentioned being officially endorsed by the great man himself. Recorded at a recent ‘Wonder-Full’ show in Berlin, this WhoSampled exclusive mix will not only give you an taste of the event, but also a reminder of why DJ Spinna is regarded as one of the best DJs on the planet. Listen here or below:

Stevie Wonder 'Wonder-Full Mix' mixed by DJ Spinna by Whosampled on Mixcloud

DJ Spinna performs a rare ‘Wonder-Full’ set at London’s Scala in conjunction with The Doctor’s Orders and BBE Records on 24th July. Purchase tickets here.

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