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Kanye West: The Samples [Mixtape]

As Yeezus fever grips the internet ahead of tomorrow’s official release of Kanye‘s electronic opus, we thought it a perfect opportunity to review some of the source material that has made Kanye consistently one of our site’s most popular artists. With a nod to the quirky sources of the forthcoming Yeezus and the trademark vocal […]

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Hip-Hop’s Top Ten Most Sampled Rock Artists

Today being the 42nd Anniversary of the death of rock legend Jimi Hendrix, we thought we would mark the occasion with a run down of hip-hop’s top ten most sampled rock artists. Who says rock and hip-hop don’t mix? Although those faithful old funk and soul staples may first spring to mind as the cornerstones […]

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Watch the Throne: The Samples

Yes, it’s finally here. ‘Watch the Throne’, the hotly anticipated new album from hip-hop heavyweights Kanye West and Jay-Z, is released today. Working with an impressive list of top producers, Kanye and Jay made sure they work on the album together in the same room as they recorded it in various locations around the world. The […]

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Ten Vocal Samples You’ve Heard a Million Times Before but Never Knew Where They’re From

Ever wondered where that scratchy voice saying “f-f-f-rrreeeesssshhh” on every second ’80s rap record actually originated from? Or who originally sang the chorus of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock? Look no further. We’ve handpicked ten of the most recognisable and widely used vocal samples of all time, the ones you […]

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