‘De La Soul is Dead’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape [mixed by Chris Read]



This Weekend (14th May 2016) marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of De La Soul‘s classic sophomore album ‘De La Soul is Dead’. Following in the footsteps of 1989’s sample heavy ‘3 Feet High and Rising’, the album once again delves into unconventional and varied sample material from disco to spoken word via rock, jazz and soul with producer Prince Paul placing a unique spin on all of the above. In celebration of the album’s 25th birthday, we’ve teamed up with Wax Poetics to present an exclusive mixtape containing tracks from the album, remixes and, of course, original sample material used in the album’s production.

Track list:

1. Jimmy Spicer – ‘Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)’ (sampled in ‘Bitties in the BK Lounge’)
2. Chris Read – ‘Theme #3’ (Scratchapella)
3. De La Soul – ‘Intro’
4. Funkadelic – ‘I’ll Stay’ (sampled in ‘Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa’)
5. De La Soul – ‘Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa’
6. Funkadelic – ‘Mommy What’s a Funkadelic’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa’)
7. Stevie Wonder – ‘Hey Love’ (sampled in ‘Talkin’ Bout Hey Love’)
8. Freda Payne – ‘The Easiest Way To Fall’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Talkin’ Bout Hey Love’)
9. De La Soul – ‘Talkin Bout Hey Love’
10. White Lightnin’ – ‘That’s No Lie’ (sampled in ‘Fanatic of the B-Word’)
11. De La Soul – ‘Fanatic of the B-Word’
12. Lee Dorsey – ‘Get Out My Life, Woman’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Fanatic of the B-Word’)
13. Chuck Jackson – ‘And That’s Saying A Lot’ (sampled in ‘Afro Connections at a Hi-5’)
14. De La Soul – ‘Afro Connections at a Hi-5’
15. De La Soul – ‘Pease Porridge’
16. Edna Wright – ‘Oops Here I Go Again’ (sampled in ‘Pass The Plugs’)
17. The J.B’s – ‘Pass the Peas’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘Pass The Plugs’)
18. De La Soul – ‘Pass The Plugs’
19. Eric B & Rakim – ‘Eric B Is President’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Pass The Plugs’)
20. Tom Waits – ‘Diamonds on My Windshield’ (sampled in ‘Oodles of O’s’)
21. Biz Markie – ‘Nobody Beats The Biz’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘Oodles of O’s’)
22. De La Soul – ‘Oodles on O’s’
23. Lafayette Afro Rock Band – ‘Hihache’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Oodles of O’s)
24. De La Soul – ‘Rap De Rap Show’
25. Lou Johnson – ‘The Beat’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)’)
26. The Whatnauts – ‘Help Is On The Way’ (sampled in ‘Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)’)
27. The Honey Drippers – ‘Impeach The President’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)’)
28. De La Soul – ‘Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)’
29. Taana Gardner – ‘No Frills’ (sampled in ‘Bitties In The BK Lounge’)
30. De La Soul – ‘Bitties In The BK Lounge’
31. Lou Donaldson – ‘It’s Your Thing’ (sampled in ‘Bitties In The BK Lounge’)
32. Bob James – ‘Sign of the Times’ (sampled in ‘Keepin’ The Faith’)
33. Aerosmith – ‘Walk This Way’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Keepin’ The Faith’)
34. Slave – ‘Just a Touch of Love’ (sampled in Keepin’ The Faith’)
35. De La Soul – ‘Keepin’ The Faith’
36. The Mohawks – ‘The Champ’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘Keepin’ The Faith’)
37. Instant Funk – ‘I Got My Mind Made Up’ (sampled in ‘Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’)
38. The Rebirth – ‘Evil Vibrations (Saturday Mix)’ (cover of Mighty Ryeders ‘Evil Vibrations’, sampled in ‘Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’)
39. De La Soul feat Vinia Mojica – ‘Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’
40. Young Holt Unlimited – ‘Light My Fire’ (sampled in ‘Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’)
41. Tower of Power – ‘Ebony Jam’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’)
42. De La Soul feat A Tribe Called Quest, Dres & Vinia Mojica – ‘What Yo Life Can Truly Be’

Listen here or below.



Drake’s ‘Views’: The Samples [Video]

Drake Minimix_400

Yesterday saw the release of Drake‘s eagerly anticipated ‘Views’ LP and, as with many other albums of similar profile to have been released this year (see Kanye‘s ‘The Life of Pablo’ and just last week Beyonce‘s ‘LEMONADE‘), a big part of the story behind the album is its choice of samples. On that front ‘Views’ is by no means a let down, delivering a broad pallet of samples that ranges from pitched down house cuts from the shortlived UK Funky scene to the Timmy Thomas classic that underpins the ubiquitous pop smash ‘Hotline Bling’, via dancehall megastar Beenie Man and plenty more besides. Check out our video breakdown of the album’s major samples below:

Keen to discover more? Check out FACT Mag’s track by track sample breakdown here or visit Drake’s artist page on WhoSampled here.

DJ Paleface (Crazy Cousinz) Interview


Earlier this month some leaks from the most anticipated album of the year pricked the ears of UK music fans in particular as Drake, who is currently engaged in a love affair with all things London, continued his hot-streak by releasing ‘One Dance’ featuring a gratuitous sample of the Funky House classic ‘Do You Mind’ by Kyla. Having already shown his love for Grime, he’s slowly enveloping different aspects of British sounds (we’re just waiting on him to hear Goldie’s Timeless…) whilst adding his own unique flavour.

UK Funky (or Funky House) was an oddly short-lived musical chapter in the UK underground scene, rising from the ashes of a dwindling Grime scene and taking inspiration from Garage, House and Afrobeat. Although fleeting, the scene made a big splash in the UK and spawned it’s own anthems, dance moves (skanks), and left it’s mark on the hardcore continuum. A production duo named Crazy Cousinz were behind many of these anthems including ‘Do You Mind’, ‘The Funky Anthem’, ‘Bongo Jam’ and a ton of massive remixes. We’ve spoken to DJ Paleface from Crazy Cousinz, and the artist listed alongside Kyla on the initial release of the track, about his outlook on UK Funky and his thoughts on ‘One Dance’.


Huge congratulations on ‘One Dance’ sampling your hit ‘Do You Mind’ still sitting at UK Number 1 this week! 7 years after the original charted you must be happy with the impact of the music you’ve created alongside Kyla

Thank you, I am very very happy!

You released the original track as a bassline version but your own Crazy Cousinz mix a year later ended up becoming a bonafide classic, what was the decision process behind remixing it?

The decision behind remixing the track was quite simple really, the more mixes of an original track there are increases the likelihood of the track taking off. There were many remixes of ‘Do You Mind’ which were released, the original vinyl came out with my original production and a Rekless remix, my cousin remixed it under ‘Crazy Cousinz’ as a mix swap and in return I remixed ‘Bongo Jam’ twice (a house remix and a bassline remix), other mixes were provided by L.D., TerraDanja, Control S, DJ Swerve and was even a fresh recording over a Mad Professor instrumental. 

The tune still totally stands up in it’s own right and OVO and the gang had clearly been enjoying it in some recent studio sessions, what did you think of where they’ve taken it?

I think their production placed the track to global audience that was not really possible before, by slowing the track down it changed the genre immediately and could be considered pop, hip hop, afrobeat and even reggae/dancehall. I think this is brilliant.

Were you a fan of Drake prior to this connection coming through? 

I think Drake is a great artist, for me he keeps the essence and culture of hip hop true and doesn’t follow fads, he sets them!

Judging by Drake’s Instagram activity I get the feeling Logan Sama helped with the sample guidance in some fashion here, it’s great to see Drake actually engaging with UK underground rather than just feeding from it, where you aware of this before the call came in for the sample?

I was completely unaware of the sample, I still have not spoke to Logan but I do need to thank him when I see him next.

You’ve had history of being sampled before by Kanye West collaborator Theophilus London on his mixtape track ‘Crazy Cousins’, was there a backstory to this link up?

To be honest this is news to me, however that was an original track produced by my cousin Flukes so I’m sure he would know more about that.

Your Crazy Cousinz collaborator (and actual cousin) Flukes has also had a stellar career, probably best known for his Wifey Riddim featuring Tinie Tempah, are you two still working on music together?

Flukes is now working solo under the alias Luke Larrell and solo under the alias Crazy Cousinz. We have spoken and there are no plans to work on any music in the future.

Grime is really having a moment globally at the moment, do you see any momentum gathering in UK Funky again? You can still hear that swing in Lil Silva’s current output and Roska recently resurrected his Bakongo alias on a similar vibe

I know that there is a lot of talk around UK Funky, I myself have produced a few tracks that could be considered UK Funky (Daydreaming, Fall Outta Love, Pleasure RMX etc) and believe that something could happen with the genre as a whole. I guess it’s up to the main players involved to put something together, however I also believe that when UK Funky blossomed it was totally organic and not reaction based. If there is to be a second wind of UK Funky I would imagine it would be a lot different to the first time round, key producers like DJ Kent and DJ Gregory who were clear influences upon the first wave of producers would be non relevant, it would be very different.

The comeback of Grime has lead to some of the rare & classic 12”s getting reissued and repressed, what do you think of the current vinyl resurgence and are you looking to do anything similar with your Northern Line label?

We plan to release a limited LP every 6 months with the best of the digital releases for the time elapsed, we are pondering with the picture disc idea. I think the resurgence of vinyl is excellent but the usual vinyl buyer nowadays is (and only in my opinion) a collector rather than a DJ, which would make the target audience different to the original audience we aimed at when we first started pressing up vinyl.

What’s on the radar next for DJ Paleface?

Continuing to run Northern Line Records with a consistent stream of releases, release more of my own tracks, continue to develop Kyla as an artist and more than anything else, enjoy life.

Beyoncé – Lemonade (Samples Playlist)


Beyoncé dropped her latest album Lemonade over the weekend, again arriving with an accompanying visual element, the album treads some new ground for Queen B. Featuring collaborations with artists like James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White & The Weeknd, the mood of the whole thing is less jubilant than previous more pop-led offerings, instead touching much more on her personal life and addressing some of the alleged allegations of her husband’s infidelities.

Sample highlights include Isaac Hayes ‘Walk on By’ on ‘6 Inch’ (previously sampled by Biggie) and a flip of Kaleidoscope’s psychedelic ‘Let Me Try’ by Just Blaze.

Lemonade is streaming exclusively on Tidal for the moment, but for those of you without a subscription or an expired trial account we’ve got the original samples available to listen to in playlist format here:

In Memory of Billy Paul [Samples Playlists]


In the wake of tributes for Prince last week it’s with great sadness that we begin a new week marking the death of yet another musical great. Philadelphia soul icon Billy Paul died yesterday aged 81. Some sources report cancer as the cause of death. Best known in popular culture for his 1972 smash ‘Me and Mrs Jones’, fans of sample based music will be familiar with a selection of his tracks, including notably 1975’s ‘Let the Dollar Circulate’ (sampled in Spacek‘s Dilla-produced ‘Dollar‘) and 1970’s ‘Let’s Fall In Love All Over‘ (sampled by both Gang Starr and KRS-One).

In memory, we have compiled two playlists: the first of Billy Paul classics including ‘Me and Mrs Jones‘ among many more of his most sampled tracks / the second of tracks to have sampled Paul’s work including tracks by the likes of Gang Starr, Coolio, The Game, Scarface, DJ Shadow, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill and many more:

Billy Paul: The Classics

Billy Paul: The Samples

The Influence of Prince [Samples Playlist]


Yesterday the music world was shaken by the loss of one a modern day icon. The flood of tributes appearing across the web in the last 24 hours has rightfully highlighted Prince‘s unique songwriting, musicianship, work ethic and image. His music has of course been an enormous influence on an entire generation of artists in many ways. Here, however, we celebrate the most direct examples of that influence – those who have sampled his work. Among those to have looked to Prince’s vast back catalog for inspiration are the likes of Kanye, Jay Z, 2Pac, Nice & Smooth and MC Lyte.

Listen below:


1. Kanye West – ‘Big Brother’ (Samples Prince – ‘It’s Gonna Be Lonely’)
2. Justice – ‘Genesis’ (Samples Prince – ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’)
3. Jay Z feat Beyonce – ’03 Bonnie and Clyde (Samples Prince – ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’)
4. 2Pac – ‘I Get Around’ (Samples Prince – ‘The Ladder’)
5. 2Pac – ‘To Live & Die In L.A’ (Samples Prince – ‘Do Me, Baby’)
6. Justin Timberlake – ‘Until The End of Time’ (Samples Prince – ‘Raspberry Beret’)
7. 2Pac – ‘Heartz of Men’ (Samples Prince – ‘Darling Nikki’)
8. Jay Z feat Pharrell – ‘Excuse Me Miss’ (Samples Prince – ‘Walk Don’t Walk’)
9. Arrested Development – ‘Tennessee’ (Samples Prince – ‘Alphabet St.’)
10. Public Enemy – ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out’ (Samples Prince – ‘Let’s Go Crazy’)
11. MC Lyte – ‘Paper Thin’ (Samples Prince – ’17 Days’)
12. Lil’ Troy – ‘Wanna Be A Baller’ (Samples Prince – ‘Little Red Corvette’)
13. Notorious B.I.G – ‘Would You Die For Me’ (Samples Prince – ‘Kiss’)
14. Actress – ‘Purple Splaszsh’ (Samples Prince – ‘Purple Rain’)
15. Nice & Smooth – ‘No Delayin’ (Samples Prince – ‘Starfish & Coffee’)

Massive Attack – Blue Lines 25th Anniversary


British trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack released their debut record Blue Lines on this day in 1991 (25 years ago!). A sample filled classic, the group are credited with kick-starting a new wave of musical exploration using hip-hop as their starting point. Mixing live instruments and a wide sound palette of samples, they found some previously undiscovered approaches to beat-making and the results went on to inspire countless musicians. The album featured the vocal talents of Shara NelsonHorace Andy, and of course Tricky.

Using WhoSampled data we’ve built a playlist containing all the key sample sources that make up the LP, dive in here:

In Memory of Leon Haywood: His Influence in Playlists


We were sorry to learn of the death of much sampled Leon Haywood earlier this week, aged 74. Haywood’s recording career of around 20 years spanning the 60s, 70s and 80s included stints playing with other heavily sampled artists Sam Cooke and Dyke & The Blazers. He’s best remembered in popular culture however for his 1975 track ‘I Want’a Do Something Freaky To You’, the backbone to Dr Dre‘s 1992 G-Funk anthem ‘Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang’.

Below we compile two playlists, the first containing a selection of Haywood’s most sampled tracks and the second a selection of tracks to have sampled his work, among them tracks by Redman, J. Cole, Aaliyah and many more.

1. Leon Haywood: The Sampled Classics

2. Leon Haywood: The Samples

Much Sampled Soundtrack Veteran Ennio Morricone Scoops Oscar for Best Score [Playlists]


The 88th Academy Awards last night was a night of firsts. Not least among them of course was Leonardo Dicaprio’s debut Oscar win for his potrayal of 19th century frontiersman in ‘The Revenant’, his many near misses in previous years having been something of a talking point. In the music sphere however, Ennio Morricone‘s win for Best Score was the notable debut. The much sampled 87 year old scooped his first Academy Award following a career spanning more than 6 decades for his contributions to Quentin Tarrantino‘s ‘Hateful Eight’. With just under 300 samples listed on WhoSampled, we had no shortage of material from which to prepare the following two playlists. The first catalogs Morricone’s timeless compositions from movies such as Clint Eastwood classic ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly‘, the second samples of his work inclduding artists such as Jay Z, EPMD, Eminem and more.

Playlist One: The Classics

Playlist Two: The Samples

Kanye West – THE LIFE OF PABLO Definitive Samples Playlist


So here we have it! Kanye West‘s 7th solo studio album The Life of Pablo is finally out! The evolution of this LP seems to have all happened in the public eye and as tracks/album titles slowly dripped out of Kanye’s camp we caught glimpses of his current state of mind and inspirations driving his work. Now that we have the full release and all 18 tracks of juicy Yeezy goodness it’s time to dig even deeper into his world and discover the music behind the album.

Some sample highlights include: Reggae anthem ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy, Chicago house influences from Larry Heard (aka Mr. Fingers), Gospel preaching from a 4-year-old, and a gorgeous flip of Arthur Russell’s ‘Answers Me’

Explore The Life of Pablo via Kanye West’s full artist page on WhoSampled

Listen to a definitive playlist made up of all the samples heard on The Life of Pablo here:


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